This is the first step you have to follow to participate in the IUPAP 100 Photo Contest. Here you choose the nickname with which you will be entering your photo/images. You must use the same nickname for all the images submitted by the same author or group of authors. Each person can be author or co-author of up to TWO (2) photos/images. The category "Beyond our eyes" admits up to 3 co-authors. The category "At a glance" admits only one author per entry. Members of the IUPAP Council, Commissions, Affiliated Commissions or Working Groups, the contest judges, and consultants or contractors of IUPAP are not eligible to participate in the contest. Contest is void where prohibited by law.

You will have to fill out this registration form only once to associate the nickname with the personal data of the author(s). This personal information will remain confidential throughout the selection process. For more information, please check the full set of rules here.

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